Property Management


Complete Property Management

We pride ourselves on open and professional communication, and that starts with the transparency of our services. Below are descriptions of the services we provide and how our company adds value. Of course, it is difficult to communicate everything at once, so we have summarized some of the surface level items here. Our goal is for you to do as little as possible and maximize your benefits as a landlord.

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Our team will use in house data to determine the best price to meet your rental expectations.

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Our team will set up professional listings on various platforms for optimal reach to prospective tenants.

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Our team will coordinate with current tenants and prospective tenants to set up showings for your rental.

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Background Checks

Our team will conduct a background check on applicants using commercial software.

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Rental Agreements

Our team will draft the rental agreements, addendum, and complete the signing process.

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Our team will coordinate with the current and new tenants for key handovers and conduct move-in/out inspections.

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Our team will manage ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your property with the tenant.

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Our team will maintain communications with tenants for day-to-day items and inquiries while protecting your privacy.

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Strata Coordination

Our team will be point of contact and liaise with strata and notify you of important information. We will also assist the tenant to avoid unnecessary fines.

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RTB Consultations

Our team will document, assist and/or represent you in Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) disputes.

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If a dispute cannot be resolved, our team will recommend best courses of action in the event of a rental dispute.

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Financial Matters

Accurate booking keeping and on time payments.

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Tenant Placement

Complete Real Estate Investment & Management Services

Are you interested in buying an investment property in the Metro Vancouver area and wanting to rent it out? Rent It Now can help you with that too.


1. Investment Consultation

Meet in person or online with one of our managers who can discuss your budget, goals, and plans for your future investment.

2. Property Scouting

Our team will search for properties that match your criteria and present to you purchase options, payments, and projected income.

3. Purchase

Rent It Now will act as your agent and complete the purchase and documentation for your property. We will insure that your investment is in the proper condition before renting.

4. Rental Management

Our team will advertise your new property, select tenants, and manage the day to day for you while you collect on your investment (see complete property management above for details).